Peking Opera

by A Better Tomorrow

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Peking Opera is an album produced entirely by A Better Tomorrow (ABT)

It primarily features the following underground MC's:

Admir Bonsoir (aka Mista Mista) (Virginia USA / Somoa Islands)

CM aka Creative (Maryland USA)

Streets (Connecticut USA)

It's a compilation of previously released works designed to introduce you to the recording artists who have all worked closely with ABT since 2009 and whom each will have upcoming solo releases exclusively produced by A Better Tomorrow.

Peking Opera is inspired by traditional Chinese theatre which featured troupes of diverse performers who demonstrated their skills in prose, music and combat.


released July 1, 2011

Produced, Mixed & Arranged by A Better Tomorrow for Swords For Hire Music.

Artist: Kydd (Austin TX USA)
Album: Sounds In My Head II (2 songs- "Hall Pass" feat. Yelawolf*, and "Water" feat. Max Frost**)
*Yelawolf appears courtesy of Interscope Records/Shady Records
**Max Frost appears courtesy of Atlantic Records

Artist: Cory Kendrix (Portland Oregon USA)
Album: Free Beer Mixtape (1 song- "Deep Thoughts & Dark Secrets")

Artist: LoPhi (Houston TX USA)
Album: Love Is Not A Crime EP (1 title song)

Artist: CientifiQ (Houston TX USA)
Single: "Steel"

Artist: Sole Glow Collective
Compilation/Various Artists: 1 song- "1 Thing"

Artist: CM aka Creative (Maryland USA)
Album: In The Meantime EP (1 song- "Spread The Music")

Artist: Ocky Goodsounds (San Antonio TX USA)
Album: Orange Lazarus (2 songs- "Hero Skyline", "King of Dreams")

Artist: A Better Tomorrow (USA)
Album: Peking Opera (11 songs)

Artist: CM aka Creative (Maryland USA)
Album: Raiders of the Lost Art (18 songs)

Artist: CM aka Creative (Maryland USA)
Album: Classic Material (7 songs)

Artist: Ta-ku (Perth AU)
Album: "Songs To Break Up To" (12" vinyl/digital release)
Label: Huh What & Where

Artist: Sweater Beats (New York USA)
Song: "Jello Drip" Feat. Arnold M|O|D

Artist: Stwo Beats (Paris FR)
Album: "Beyond" EP via Live For The Funk LFTF 005

Artist: Kit Pop (Perth AU)
Album: "Seams" EP

Artist: Ta-ku (Perth AU)
Album: "Make It Last" EP Feat. JMSN via Live For The Funk LFTF 004

Artist: Compton Chic (Montreal QC)
Album: "Crying" EP via Live For The Funk LFTF 003

Artist: Drapht (Perth AU)
Song: "Salute" Feat. Suffa of Hilltop Hoods

Artist: Ta-ku (Perth AU)
Album: Ta-ku & Blu EP* (As yet un-named)
Label: (Unreleased)
*Mixed & Mastered

Artist: Ta-ku (Perth AU)

Artist: Ta-ku (Perth AU)
Song: "Tasty" Feat. Drapht

Artist: Drapht (Perth AU)
Song: "1990's" Produced by Ta-ku

Artist: Ta-ku/Miles Bonny
Album: Ta-ku/Miles Bonny EP (unreleased)

Artist: Athalia (Perth AU)
Album: ThoughtCrime EP* (unreleased)
*Mixed & Mastered



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A Better Tomorrow Austin

David Escamilla, Jr known as A Better Tomorrow, is a producer & mastering engineer currently in Austin TX USA

He is Mex-American/Filipino (b. 1978 in Long Beach CA). His name is inspired from the 1986 Hong Kong Triad film directed by John Woo

ABT produces for (iN)Sect Records & has mastered releases for Ta-ku, Stwo, Sweater Beats, Live For The Funk (LFTF), Huh What & Where (HW&W) and Soulection
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Track Name: Livin On Front Street (ABT x Admir Bonsoir)

1st Verse:
yes I have arrived so please
whatever you have in store for the night proceed
and lead me to the VIP I need
breathing room for all my heathen goons to blow weed
you know we OD off that remy and henny
so keep the bottles coming - open bar on me
many will approach but I toast with the d-
i-m-e-s guess I be
superficial due to the company I keep
kingpin perfect ten presidential suite
as my residential for the week - no sleep
penthouse view of the beach front scene
but for now we in the smoke lounge
they tell me slow down but I dont know how
bound for another round - crown lets go
if you cant live life then you always live poor

they say im living beyond my means
sitting on the throne when I aint king
living on front street

2nd Verse:
poor folk living like a king on the gulf coast
new money so they still treat me like Im compost
condos rented mazarti on lease
but margaritas and martinis on me
money nothing - it comes and it goes
like the company I kick out after whipping my dick out
leave like parolees out the big house
promising youll never be back but of course youre fickle
thats the miracle of luxury
everybody want it so they put up with that dumb shit
lucky me Im one of the cool kids
cuz truth is Im about as normal as you is
the proof is in the pudding like sugar, love and dairy
various crews want to hate but me dont worry
and me in no hurry - I take the lane slow
if you cant enjoy life then you always live poor

3rd Verse:
third times the charm so once in your mouth,
once in your cunt, and once in your ummm...
some women just arent into that
so you know some of them just dont get called back
one day Ill fall flat and regret everything
but until then Im living for every day
every second, every minute, every moment
I got used to that silver spoon, life is golden
aint it grand to spend eighty grand
on a meal - turn around dump a mil on the fam
bought my momma land, a house by the waves
and a grand piano that cant nobody play
put it in a room that dont nobody go in
hot ass mother fuckin day - wrist frozen
and they say he just dont know
but if you cant live life then you always live poor.